why am i a fan? part 1 

Star Wars to me is a hard, and interesting subject to talk about, their is so much to say, but it’s hard to know where to begin.

Do you start with the film’s or the merchandise or the expanded universe- e.g. comics and video games or the cartoon T.V series,  it’s hard to debate, to people who aren’t diehard fans you will be lost now, you may understand about the merchandise and the video games, and the films- but you’re probably thinking Star Wars is a 6 part film which starts the wrong way round, we’ll you would be right, but Star Wars is much, much more than a reason for mass advertising and ways for George Lucas to make money, so I better explain why I adore it so much!!!

To be truthful the first Star Wars film I properly watched was attack of the clones, I had seen parts of the others before episode 2 was released but they didn’t interest me, but when I watched attack of the clones at my local cinema I was blown away, the duel with Yoda and Count Dooku blew me away and made me want to watch the other four movies (at the time) properly and caught the Star Wars bug.

 Christmases came and Santa brought me Star Wars episodes 2 on VHS and later on when DVD was the new craze I got Star Wars the original trilogy, I watched them, I learnt them inside out.

Most kids got the Star Wars figures- I specifically remember at the time of the release of episode one kids at my school brought in R2-D2 figures with lightsaber hilt pop out feature obviously recreating the scene from episode 6 (return of the Jedi) where Luke sky walker, Han solo, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian are facing certain death looking in to the gaping mouth of the Sarlacc pit on a sail skiff being watched by Jabber the hut and a doubtful princess Leia, then as Luke is about to take the plunge R2-D2 fires a lightsaber to Luke Skywalker who fights to free his friends from the clutches of Jabber’s bounty hunters and guards, unfortunately for the kids the hilt would have been lost after a week of playing with it due to how small it was.

Back to the subject though, I was different, I was a fan of constructing, not posing, I was a fan of Lego, and during the release of episode 1 (the phantom menace) Lego made a partnership with Lucas film and made sets from each episodes, and they still go on today.

I will always remember the first set I got, it was a set with Jar Jar Binks, and later I got obi wan with a sliding door with two battle droids, one red, and one yellow.

During the release of episode 3 which I was thrilled about seeing, my Star Wars Lego collection grew, and during the release of episode three (revenge of the Sith) I got nearly all the sets apart from two but my friends looked on in awe at my clone turbo tank which made nearly all there sets look insignificant and at the time it was the only way you could get Mace Windu, but even if they could pick the mini figure up off eBay, it wasn’t the same as having it in the set, and having the joy of building the thing that it came in.

To be in all honesty with you though, I began collecting Star Wars figures after episode three was released, actual, cross that, I got two figures before episode two was released, I got them on the cheap as the shop was trying to get rid of them as they were discontinued, I re-call the prices at 99p each, the figures in question were (i say were as I don’t know what happened to them) Darth Maul and Quigon Jin.

I truly started figure collecting after the time of revenge of the Sith though, my first figure was general grievous which came with a hologram of a storm trooper